The Farrier Folding System™ means less intrusion into cabin and no open ‘foot traps’ in the deck.

One key to the success of Farrier trimarans is the easy trailerability made possible by the unique Farrier Folding System™.

The Farrier system is the most structurally sound trimaran folding system available, with no hinges in the beams or the critical beam to float join, while corrosion prone wires are never used in structurally critical areas. Overall beam can be varied in seconds, by just one person, anywhere.

After 33 years of use world wide the Farrier System is well proven, the most successful folding system, and used by more trimarans than anything else. So to be safe, be sure to insist on the genuine twin strut ‘Farrier Folding System’™. It is significantly different from all the rest, and the many advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Folds for road legal trailering in minutes without any heavy assembly being required.
  • The twin strut folding system gives absolute control over movement
  • No need for water to support floats while folding – the twin struts make it easy to fold anywhere
  • The correct folding strut geometry means folding can be done by one person, anywhere.
  • Twin struts mean the float will not fall on the ground if folding out of the water on a trailer
  • Absolutely no weak hinge points in the actual beams, with the highly stressed beam to float join being solid
  • Absolutely no sliding parts that can bind or jam
  • Corrosion prone wires are not used in structurally critical areas where sudden failure could threaten the boat
  • The structurally critical lower struts are solid Aluminum 6061 T6 bar, with absolutely no butt welds.
  • Custom made reinforced acetal (plastic) bushes insulate aluminum struts from stainless steel pivot pins
  • There is no reliance on the rig for structural support should float reverse loading occur
  • Beams are structurally sound no matter how loaded, including even after a capsize
  • Proven track record, with 33 years development, six Atlantic crossings and race records/wins world wide.
  • Now used by over 3000 boats world wide