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May 21st, 2019

Number 30 Is On Its Way!

May 14th, 2019

Farrier F-22, Rockin’ All Over the World!

April 18th, 2019

Article in Boating Magazine and Delivery of F-22 #27 to Waikawa in New Zealand

January 16th, 2019

Boat 30 to Darwin

December 8th, 2018

One Year Ago

November 14th, 2018

F-22 wins Best Small Cruiser from Sail Magazine

November 7th, 2018

Press Release from Farrier International

October 21, 2018

Second F-22 Shipped inside of a Week, F-22 #23 on its Way and Farrier F-22R Show Stopper at USA Sailboat Show

August 3, 2018

Farrier Marine sells to Daedalus Yachts

June 8, 2018

#17 Launched in Edenton, North Carolina, #18 Delivered to Holland, F-22S on it’s way to Canada and F-22 Production Ramps up in Christchurch

April 16, 2018

F-22 on it’s way to Holland

March 7, 2018

Wing sail on Farrier F22, Cruising report and comment, Hull #13 and Hull #16 delivery very successful

February 12, 2018

F-22 Factory Update and Ian Farrier

December 3, 2017

F-22 Factory Update and New F-33 Launching

October 28, 2017

F-22 Factory Update , Swedish Sailing Report, Another Delivery and F-22 Foiler Concept

September 17, 2017

Latest F-22 Factory News, F-22 Deliveries and Comments, Latest F-45RC Photos, F-32 Launched in France and F-39 Launched in Italy

July 24, 2017

Latest F-22 Factory News, First F-22 Sailing In Sweden, F-9AX Refit, Modified F-31 and Honeymoon on an F-22

June 5, 2017

Latest F-22 Factory News, F-32AX Launched in Romania, A Tough Ramp and F-33RX Drone Photos

May 20, 2017

Owner Comments: F-22 Sailing In Auckland, F-22 Sailing In Dubai and F-22 Delivered to Sweden

April 23, 2017

F-22 Factory Update, F-22 Launched in Auckland NZ, F-33 Sailing in Florida, F-9RX Launched in Poland and F-22 Sailing in San Francisco

March 5, 2017

F-22 Factory Update and Latest F-33 News

February 23, 2017

F-45RC Progressing and Factory F-45 For Sale

February 12, 2017

F-22 NZ Factory Update, F-36 Sailing In Australia, F-39 in Europe and F-33 Trailer

December, 2016

F-22 Factory Update and F-22 Launched in Spain

November, 2016

Another F-22 Delivered To USA, F-22 Almost Ready In Auckland, F-36 Launched in Australia and F-22 Factory Status

October, 2016

Next F-22 In Final Assembly, F-22R Launched In Australia and F-85SRs Do Well In Sydney Regatta

September, 2016

F-32SR Flying in Cortez Race, US F-22 Shipped, Another F-33 Delivery and New F-36 Launched

August, 2016

Another F-22 For The USA and F-22 Arrives in Spain

July, 2016

Another F-33 Launching

June, 2016

Lastest F-22 Launching (in Dubai), An F-22 heading for Spain and New F-85SR launched in Australia

May, 2016

2016 Newport Ensenada Race

April, 2016

Curved Foil Break Test

February, 2016

F-22 Trailering in Australia, F-85SR Building In Australia, Latest F-45 and F-45RC Progress and Another F-22 Finished

December, 2015

F-85SR Rigging Up, F-33XR Sailing in The Philippines and Another F-33 Shipped

November, 2015

New F-22 Launched in USA, Latest F-22 Sailing Photos, F-32AX Across Canada to Alaska and F-82 in Canada

September, 2015

F-22 Launching in Canada, Refurbished F-25C, F-82 Launched in Germany, F-25C in Round The Island Race (UK), F-32AX Building in the USA, F-32 Building In Romania, F-32SR In California, F-36 Launched in UK, F-41 Across The Atlantic and Back, F-85SR In Australia and Swedish F-9A

August, 2015

F-25C videos

July, 2015

F-22 Arrives in Switzerland and F-25C Wins Race To Alaska

May, 2015

New F-22 Launched in UK, F-22 Racing In South Africa and Beware of Copies

January, 2015

F-9A Wins Ocean Race – Again

November, 2014

F-9A Launching in Australia

September, 2014

F-44SC launched in USA, Another F-22 Launched in Sydney and F-32AX launched in Australia

June, 2014

F-boats Win in Round Island Race

December, 2013

F-32AX Launched In Canada, F-32AX Almost Ready In Australia, F-82A Launched In Australia, F-32SR Jailbreak Sailing Again, F-22 Launched In Australia and F-22 Launched in England

July, 2013

First F-85SR Sailing, F-9A Wins Multihull Swiftsure, F-82 Sailing in Europe, F-22 and F-33, F-82 Launched in Argentina, South Australian F-boats, F-22 in California and F-36 in Holland

January, 2013

Trailer Yacht Wins 1800 Mile Ocean Race, Two F-32SRs Launched in New Zealand and F-36 Cruising

December, 2012

First F-22 launched in New Zealand

November, 2012

F-22R Sailing Report From Denmark, New F-22R Launched in South Africa, Two F-32SRXs Almost Finished in New Zealand, First F-85SR Nearing Completion and F-32SR Sailing in Europe

September, 2012

All Plan Sales Have Now Ended, New F-32AX Launched in the UK and F-22 Wins Light weather race

June, 2012

Two F-32SRs Building in New Zealand, F-85SR Building Progress and New F-32 Sailing In Italy

February, 2012

F-32SR Sailing Videos, More F-32SRs Building and F-82R Launched In Australia

December, 2011

F-32 Launched in Germany, F-22 Sailing In France, F-9AX Launched in Canada, F-22 Building in Massachusetts, F-22 Building in California, F-22 Building in New Zealand, F-82 Building in Italy, F-85SR Building in Germany and F-85SR Folding Struts

November, 2011

First F-32SR Launched

October, 2011

F-22 Launched in Denmark, F-22 Launched in Canada, F-22 Launched in Southern California, F-22 Ready to Launch in Canada, F-39 Cruising the Pacific Northwest, F-85SR Building Update, F-9AX Cruising in Canada, F-32 Launched in France, F-22 Sailing in Canada, F-27 Sailing in Denmark, F-32 Building in New Zealand and F-32 Building in Australia

July, 2011

F-boats Do Well In Rough Round Island!, F-22 in Norway, F-22 Launched in Australia, F-36 Building in Australia and F-9R Fastest in Round Block Island Race

June, 2011

Latest F-32SR Progress Photos

May, 2011

All Carbon F-22 in Australia, F-22 Action in Western Australia, F-32RX Sailing In Japan and F-32RX Almost Finished in England

March, 2011

New F-22 Launched in France, New F-22 Sailing in Sydney and F-32SR Progress Photos

February, 2011

New F-32AX Launched in Australia and F-32AX Sailing In Australia

January, 2011

F-9AX First in Governor’s Cup (Across Atlantic), Latest Production F-22 News, Another F-22 Delivered and F-9AX Building in Canada

November, 2010

A New F-32RX in the USA, F-44SCs Building in USA and Brazil, A New F-32RX in Germany, New F-22 launched in Canada, F-22 Building in France, F-36 in Europe and New F-85SR Racing Design

July, 2010

Great Effort in Two Man Round Britain Race, Why Did it Take So Long?, F-36 Building in Australia, F-32 Almost Finished in Australia, F-82 Launched in Poland, F-22 Building in South Africa and F-22 Setup Details From Australia

June, 2010

F-32RX Finished in Poland, Two F-22s in 2010 Bay to Bay Race, A New F-22 Building in Australia, Ontario 300 and Latest F-32SR News

April, 2010

F-41 Sails From Europe to New Zealand, F-22 Sailing In Western Australia, Two F-22s in QLD 2010 Nationals, F-22 Launched in Sydney, F-22 Launched in Charmhaven (north of Sydney), F-22 Building In Auckland, Another F-22 Building in Australia, F-22 Building in Italy, F-22 to F-24 Rudder Comparison, F-32 Building in Germany, F-32 Building in Western Australia, F-32 Building in Poland, F-36 Launched in Australia, F-39 Building in Canada, F-82 Building in Italy, F-32 Sails to Canary Islands and Latest F-32SR News

January, 2010

Cuddy Cabin F-22 Building In Australia, F-33 Cruising in Europe, F-32 Winning in South Africa, F-9AX Fastest in SOMR, Australia, F-82 and F-32AX Building in Poland, F-9R Rolled Over in Michigan, Another F-32AX Delivery and F-82 Nearing Completion in Australia

November, 2009

Another F-39 Launched, F-27 Wins Australian Nationals, F-33 Sets New Record in Hawaii, New F-82 Launched in New Zealand, F-22 Near Launching In Australia, F-22 Building in Wales, F-22 Progress in Australia, F-22 Progress in the USA, Clear Coat Carbon F-22 Rudder, Another F-9 Sailing In Australia, F-39 Building in Holland, F-32 Building In Canada, F-32 Progress in Australia and F-32 Progress in Austria

August, 2009

Another F-22 Launched and Surfing, New High Aspect Rudder Blades, F-39 Building In Virginia, F-39 Building In Germany, F-22 In Ontario, F-24 Sailing in Sydney, F-27 in Western Australia (Former AMOC Winner), F-32 Sailing in Korea, F-41 Cruising in South Australia, F-82 Building in Montreal and a monohull on the F-boat website….?

July, 2009

New Centerboard Option For F-32 and F-32SR Now Available

June, 2009

F-22R in Bay to Bay, F-22 Building in France, F-9AX Sailing Report From South Africa, F-82 Launched in The Netherlands, F-9AX Sailing in Australia, F-82 Building in Poland, F-22 Almost Finished in The Netherlands, F-9R in Slovenia, F-22 Building in Croatia, F-9/F-31 to F-33 Comparison and F-82 Building in Australia

March, 2009

F-22R’s Second Race, Another F-22 Launched and F-33 Nelda Ray Update

January, 2009

F-22R’s First Race

December, 2008

F-36 Crosses Atlantic, F-32RX Launched in Australia and F-22 Progress in Croatia

November, 2008

Two More F-22s Launched, F-32 Sailing In Italy, F-32 Launched in Korea, Sailing The F-22, New Quadramaran!?, F-39 Passing Through Canal, F-82 Outstanding In Coastal Classic, F-22 Near Launching on Gold Coast, F-9AX Launched in South Africa, F-82 Launched in Netherlands, Racing Action, F-32 Near Launching In Australia and F-32RX in Annapolis Boat Show

August, 2008

F-32RX nearing completion in Virginia, F-35C fastest in ‘Regata De Amigos’ , F-22 Progress in Australia, F-22 Building In Italy, F-9AX Building in New Zealand, F-33R Wins Round Island Race and F-24 and Accessories

May, 2008

F-25C Wins Croisiere Bleue Race , F-9R in 2008 Brisbane To Gladstone, F-22 Nearing Completion in Australia, F-32AX in Virginia, F-9R Nearing Completion in Brisbane and F-41 Cruising Around Tasmania

March, 2008

F-82 in Turkey, F-41 Cruising Thailand, F-22 in Australia, F-22 in Ontario, F-22 in Montreal, F-32 Building in Italy, F-32 Progress in Australia, F-32 Building in Ontario and F-32s At the Races

November, 2007

First F-39 launched, More F-32s Launched, Skiing Behind an F-82 and Florida F-82 Building

June, 2007

Another F-32 Launched

May, 2007

First F-32 Launched, Another F-32 Near Launching, And Another in Olympia, F-32s Building In South Africa, The First F-44SC Building in Oregon, Another F-44SC Building in Brazil, An F-27 In Europe, F-9AX Nearing Completion in South Africa and F-boats Cruising in Florida

March, 2007

F-41s In Australia, Latest F-22 Construction Photos, F-9AX in Ohio, F-82 Launching in Georgia, F-32 in Australia, F-32 in Austria, F-32 in Korea, F-32 in North Carolina, F-33 Sailing in Australia, F-82 Building in Turkey, F-9 Building in Canada, F-9AX and the 75′ B & Q and F-32 Beams Now Shipping

November, 2006

F-32 in Holland, F-32 Progress in Australia, F-39 Building in Holland and Another F-41 Launched In Australia

October, 2006

F-32 Building in Sri Lanka, F-9 Beach Launching In Australia, F-36 Sailing in Holland, F-32 Building In Australia, F-41 Sailing In San Diego, F-9AX Nearing Completion in South Africa, F-82 Launched In Auckland and F-32AX Nearing Launch in Australia

August, 2006

F-35C Sailing Video and F-33 Cruising on Lake Huron

July, 2006

F-25A Wins Class in Swiftsure, F-33 Sailing Report From New York, A Unique Trailertri 680 In Australia, F-36 Launched in Holland, F-32 Progress in Australia, A Trailertri 720 In Canada, F-32 In Washington State, F-32 Building In Sri Lanka and F-33 Launched In Australia

May, 2006

Tramp and the 75′ B & Q – Comparison

April, 2006

Trailertri Prototype (#1) Still Going Strong, Another F-9AX Launched in Australia, F-39s Building In Canada, F-32AX Building In Australia, F-33 Wins Conquistador Cup, F-82 Building in Australia, Command 10 Cruising Mexico

February, 2006

F-32 Progress in Australia, F-32 Building in South Africa, Another F-32 in Australia, Trailertri 720 Renovation and F-32 Building in USA

December, 2005

F-33R Fastest In Harvest Moon Regatta, Dearden F-41 Launched in Australia and O’Shea F-41 launched in Australia

October, 2005

Cruising in France, F-25C Wins Great Lakes Championships, F-27 Sets New Record in Trans-Erie race

September, 2005

F-82R Sailing in Toronto

August, 2005

F-32AX Building In Australia, F-32AX Building near Seattle, F-33 Sailing On Lake Ontario, F-33 Launched in Vancouver, F-9AX Wins RORC St Malo Race Again, F-9AX Launched in Australia and F-36 Nearing Completion in Holland

June, 2005

New F-31 Beams and Swiftsure Win, 2005 Australian National Titles, Another F-41 near Launching and F-82 Building In Czech Republic

May, 2005

Five F-39s Building In Brazil, F-33 Launched in Holland, F-82R Building in Toronto, Another F-82 Launched In New Zealand and F-82 Building in Georgia (USA)

April, 2005

F-82 Launched In New Zealand, Three More F-41s Near Launching: New Zealand – Cliff Sojourner; Australia -Terry O’Shea; Australia – Jack Dearden and F-9AX Building In Brisbane

March, 2005

First F-32 Construction Photos, New F-41 Launched in Sydney, New F-82R launched in Australia, F-33 Nearing Completion in Holland and F-41 Sailing in New Zealand

December, 2004

F-41 For Charter in New Zealand, Two F-41s nearing completion in Australia, US built F-9RX reaches Darwin, Australia and F-9R being built in New Zealand

November, 2004

F-33 Arrives in New York, F-9RX Launched in Canada and F-33 Arrives in Texas

October, 2004

Another F-41 launched in Latvia and F-41 nearing completion in New Zealand

September, 2004

Canadian F-82R Now Nearing Completion and New F-33 heading For Texas

August, 2004.

F-82 Cruising the Adriatic, F-9AX making Good Progress in South Africa and F-33 Wins Inaugural Multihull Class at Cowes Week

July, 2004

A Comparison – or are multihulls worth the extra cost? and F-9AX Wins Cowes – St Malo Race

June, 2004

F-33R Wins The ‘Round Island Race’, F-33R Wins Southampton – Poole Race, The Importance of Building To Plan! and F-25C Wins Scotland’s 3 Peaks RaceAnother New F-82 in Australia

May, 2004

New F-41 Launched in Latvia and New F-33 Launched in Florida

March, 2004

F-33 Sailing in U.K. and Next F-33 Almost Ready for Delivery

February, 2004

Another F-36 Launched

January, 2004

F-27 Inducted Into Sailboat Hall of Fame, F-36 JAM TODAY Sails Around World, An F-41 In New Zealand, An F-9AX in South Africa and Another F-33 Delivered

December, 2003

F-33 Launching in UK

November, 2003

F-41 ENDLESS SUMMER’s first ocean crossing, F-41 being built in Canada, Latvian Built F-41 nearing completion, South Australian F-41 progress, Another F-41 under construction in Latvia, More F-82 progress in Canada, First photo of larger F-9 ‘Mk II’ floats, Another ‘Wow’ F-82 nearing completion, An All Carbon Aft Cabin F-82 in Canada, An Aft cabin F-82 in Australia, New F-25C launched in England, An F-25A in Oregon, Mike Wright’s F-25A Launched in Seattle, Glenn Harris’s F-82 Launched in Australia and An F-82 Being Built in Canada

July, 2003

2003 Rolex Fastnet race – Richard Roscoe’s F-9AX wins the multihull division. First on corrected time and only beaten over the line in its class by a 40′ racing trimaran. Photo of Triohe overtaking Farr 65.

2003 Cowes-St Malo race – Richard Roscoe’s F-9AX 1st overall and 11th over the line in light weather. The 204 boat fleet included 2 Volvo 60s, a Farr 52, and five other 50 to 60 footers.

2003 Van Isle 360 race – Kim Alfred’s F-31 took out fastest elapsed time in this arduous 588nm around Vancouver Island race. Kim won the multihull class and overall, leading home the Formula 40 racing catamaran Dragonfly.

May, 2003

An F-39 being built in Finland, A New F-82 in Australia, F-82 launched in Norway, F-boats cruising in Europe, F-41 Building in Latvia, F-82 Launched in Maine and An F-25 in Holland

2002 and Earlier

F-82 Wins Australian Nationals

2002 UK Farrier National Championships: Another successful event hosted by the Bembridge Sailing Club, Isle of Wight. Overall winner was Pete Newman (F-27 Martine) by one point, with Brian Haynes (F-28R Carbon Tiger) 2nd, and Mike Wigmore (F-24 Trivia) 3rd. It is intended to make the 2003 (10 – 13 July) event bigger by introducing a cruising program as well as the racing program for serious racers.

F-9AX does well again: Richard Roscoe’s TRIOHE took 8th overall in the Cowes-St Malo race, from 140 entries. It was 165 miles on the wind for three quarters of the way and the F-9AX finished only eight minutes behind Mollymawk, a 40 ft racing Tri (with one third the accommodation) that won the 2002 Round Britain race.

Another Trailertri 720 with a new lease of life
Trailertri renovations are becoming very popular in Australia.

An F-9AX in France

An F-82 In South Australia – with interior and support method photos

F-9AX in England – more photos of Richard Roscoe’s race winning TRIOHE

A Classic Renewed: Peter Hackett launches his refurbished Trailertri 720

Are Trimarans really fast to windward?

Another F-82 Launched: Claude and Lynn McDill’s F-82 in South Carolina

Another F-36 Launched: Scott Webster’s fantastic new F-36 in Washington State

F-9AX shows its speed: The F-9AX is a wider and even roomier version of the F-9A/F-31, and Richard Roscoe’s TRIOHE proved it also quite a performer by coming 11th fastest overall in the 2001 Round the Isle of Wight Race on the 16th June, from 1775 starters! More details are near bottom of History page via link.

…and the F-9AX does it again!: Richard Roscoe’s TRIOHE took line honors in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club’s Two-handed Round the Isle of Wight Race on July 14th, leading home 146 entries (up to 80′ monos plus an F-25C and F-28R).

March, 2001

Dean Snow’s F-9R takes line honors in Australia’s classic Marlay Point Race. Story on Reports page

December, 2000

Farrier – Corsair Separation

October 28, 2000

Mike Horn completes his LATITUDE 0° quest to circumnavigate the world at the Equator. His epic voyage started with crossing the Atlantic single-handed in his F-28 trimaran. The voyage from Libreville (Gabon), to the banks of the Amazon at Macapa, Brazil took a record 19 days, with speeds reaching over 20 knots at times. Upon arrival Mike said “ I’m more than satisfied – the boat and all the technical equipment ran very well even during the most difficult moments”
Mike next walked across South America, rejoined his F-28 in Ecuador, and then completed the long 8,685 mile Pacific leg in 67 days without any problems. The Indian Ocean crossing was the most difficult ocean segment and Mike then walked across Africa to Gabon to complete the circumnavigation of the globe at the equator without any motorized transport – the first to ever do this.
It should be noted that Mike’s F-28 is a completely stock F-28, straight off the production line, and without any special modifications other than what Mike did himself. It was an excellent demonstration of the strength and reliability of stock Farrier designs. However it should also be noted that while it is nice to know that the F-28 is capable of such long ocean crossings in experienced hands, it still remains a small trailerable yacht and is not recommended or intended for this purpose