Previous Models

Hank Brooks’ F-31 at Musgrave Landing, Canada

Previously Available Trimaran Designs For Home Builders:

F-85SR F-32SR | F-82 | F-9A | F-32 | F-36 | F-39

All Farrier plan sales have now ended

We have completed a first review of your F-9AX plan package. For 30 years I have produced my own plans (for other disciplines) or built using plans from others, I must say yours are exceptional. It is rare that we see plans prepared with such devotion to detail or obvious desire to produce high quality work.
Thank you kindly, Fred Tholke, Reno, Nevada.

Niels Tempel’s F-82R and Frits Du Bois’ F-9A on the hard in Holland. A good guide to relative size.

What’s What?

Trailertri 18, 680, 720 & Command 10: These were the original Farrier plywood designs for home builders which started it all in Australia from 1973. Plans are now outdated and no longer available, and plywood construction has proved to be just too slow compared to modern strip planked cedar or foam boats. Ply boats also tend to be more expensive overall due to the much lower resale value than that possible for more modern construction methods/materials. Links to more details on these older designs are below.

Mike Jennings’ Trailerti 720 at Peel Island, Brisbane

F-22: The latest Farrier entry level design, and destined to become a full production boat

F-24: Developed at Corsair Marine in 1991 from original drawings by Ian Farrier, but redesigned by Corsair management at that time. Restored back to original Farrier specifications in 1994 as the F-24 Mk II, whereupon it won ‘Sailing World’ magazine’s 1996 Performance Multihull of the Year award.

F-25A: An earlier design for amateur builders, and now replaced by the F-82A & F-82R.

Denis Green’s F-25A, plus John and Heather Nettelbeck’s F-25A on the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia

F-25C: A high performance carbon/epoxy kit boat, but now discontinued – details

F-82: The F-82A and F-82R now replace the F-25A and F-25C, with many improvements and all the latest features incorporated. The F-82R can be built in all carbon epoxy, the same as the F-25C, and it will be faster.

F-9A: A design for home builders developed in 1991, and used as the basis for the production F-31. The F-9A has been very successful with now over 300 building or sailing. These plans have been continually updated ito include all the latest developments, including larger Mk II floats and the F-33 style daggerboard rudder with composite gudgeons.

F-31: Developed from the F-9A and a very successful production design. All rights were sold to Corsair Marine in 2000, with the Farrier-Corsair separation, and it has now been renamed the Corsair 31 due to design changes by Corsair. The F-31 as such is thus no longer available

F-9AX: Same as the F-9A but with a 15% wider center hull for more room and a 16% higher load capacity. Trailering beam also increases to 2.9m (9′ 6″).

F-9R: A new ultra high performance version of the F-9A with a rotating mast. The home builders equivalent to the F-31R

F-32: The home builders version of the F-33, and now replacing the F-9 design series

F-32SR: The full race version of the F-32

F-33: A production design intended to be a maxi trailerable sport cruiser, while still being manageable single-handed – more details

F-36: A true ocean going cruiser, and demountable for transporting on a trailer (but not folding), and now being joined by the F-39.

F-39: Another new design that folds for marina docking – based on the F-36 – available only to experienced builders

F-41: A new ocean going catamaran design for amateur builders.

F-44R: A very high performance version of the F-41

The Tramp: The first production Farrier design (19′ 6″ long), originally built by Haines Hunter in Australia in 1980. An open cockpit day sailer, it was also built in the US for a while where it was known as the ‘Eagle’. Now discontinued but sometimes available on the used boat market. More details below.

F-27: The second production Farrier design (450 built) and then superseded by the F-28.

The F-27 interior – F-82 is a little smaller, F-9A considerably larger

Older Discontinued Designs:

Trailertri 18Trailertri 680Trailertri 720Command 10Tramp

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Dr. John Green’s F-9AX Sauterelle on the Canadian Prairies.

F-22, F-24, F-25, F-82, F-27, F-28, F-31, F-9A, F-9AX, F-9R,

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