Hull #16 Delivery successful

Hi Rob,

As I told you on Saturday (NZT), the container arrived and we took delivery here in Port Townsend at a local lumber yard.
They are big supporters of the local wooden boat culture here in town and so “know boats”. They, like everyone else who lays eyes on the boat, were thoroughly impressed with the look and the concept of the F22. The questions about it just keep coming. Everyone slows down to look at this boat.

I am appreciative of the care with which the boat was packed in the container. I saw no damage. I will tell you that the plastic half-pipe rub rails along the gunwale are a winner! The fit is tight, and side impact with the container wall during extraction is almost a certainty – but that detail has preserved the look and finish of the boat. I was worried needlessly.

I am still working through the many bags of treasure, and have not yet got the mast unwrapped, but here are a few snaps of the process, and “home”.

Thanks again for your call on the weekend – I really appreciate the support.

Best Regards,
Paul Serafin