First F-9/F-31 Launch

Follow Up – David Mason’s Latest Boat, an F-22

David & Marjon Mason have now launched their F-22 FLEETWING, in Queensland, Australia. David and Marjon first built a Trailertri 720 in the early eighties, and were then the owners of the very first F-31. Marjon writes:

Hi Ian,
We went for our first sail yesterday, and the photos are from today. We are very happy how she sails, went very well in 12 knots.

The photos were taken off the breakwater in Mooloolaba. David and Jack, our son were sailing FLEETWING up and for me to get some shots. This small wave came along and they decided to go with it, FLEETWING ran on rails for a little and then the wave overtook them.

David & Marjon

PS – the windows are next!  

The building and (kind of) launching of the F-22!

David Mason’s F-22 main hull halves, ready to join
a few friends to help lift…
and hull halves are joined.
The hull needed to be moved from David’s canal front home to final assembly site
…….with the move to be done on Ian Jones’ F-82
On the way – a little cramped on board, but definitely doable. There’s even room for another hull!
Well not exactly a Quadramaran, but definitely a trimaran with four hulls!
..and on the trailer, ready to go