F-32 Beams

The new ready built F-32 beams are 22% lighter than the old F-31/F-9A beams (a saving of around 80lbs overall), while also being 15% stronger. They are also set higher and have less frontal area for a much drier and faster boat.

The wide overlapping flanges deflect any spray down, while also covering the lashing gap along the wingnet edges, eliminating any chance of feet going through this area.

Aft Beam top – no need for any fairing here, which is a major advantage of ready made molded parts. The wide walking area will require non-skid, which is just painted on by builder. Lower folding struts at left.
Aft beam bottom, with unique folding strut slots clearly visible. Moving folding struts fully inside beam
eliminates 16 heavy aluminum brackets and forty eight (that’s 48!) 1/2″ stainless steel bolts and nuts.
The generous angled join flanges are excellent spray rails, make great hand holds for when sitting
on the beam, and are very useful for bolting fittings.
A set of beams ready to ship – the crate is screwed together so that it can easily be taken apart at point of
delivery, and beams can then be loaded into a smaller vehicle for easier transport if preferred.
All F-32 beams are resin infused for an ‘ideal’ near perfect laminate every time, a beam bottom being
shown here. There are many advantages to infusion in a production environment, but home builders
should note that I do not recommend it for ‘one off’ construction, unless one is more interested in the
process than getting a boat built quickly. This is because the learning curve is long, and setting up
will take much longer than just laminating ‘one off’ hulls by hand.