F-32 Beam Mounts

The F-32 Beam Mounts are a new and simpler way of installing the Farrier Folding System in a ‘one off’ or home built boat. They are based on the 3rd generation folding system as developed for the F-33, but in a modular form for home builders. These pre-made precision moldings take much of the work and alignment out of building a Farrier folding trimaran, and only require taping in place after being positioned in center hull by a simple jig.

Beam mounts are used to easily locate and align beams and folding system with hull
Exterior side of ready to fit Beam Mounts is shown, with Upper Folding Strut slot visible at top center of each mount. The two temporary molds used for molding lower folding strut area are at bottom.
Forward Beam Mount being installed in Rod Tharp’s carbon fiber F-32
Aft Beam Mount installed