Dean Snow’s F-32AX in Australia

The F-32 is a plan version of the F-33, the availability of which has unfortunately been restricted due to unfavorable currency exchange rates, and a limited production capability, making it just too expensive for most markets. However, the F-32 helps overcome this by providing a close alternative that can be built anywhere by anyone.

The F-32 is available in several forms, the F-32A, F-32AX, or F-32R and F-32RX, with both aft cabin and aft cockpit versions, and all can be built by home or professional builders.

The F-32 is a modern ‘state of the art’ design, with most of the F-33 features such as larger floats, new beam to main hull connection system, improved higher set beams and folding system, retractable bow pole, carbon chainplates, synthetic rigging, daggerboard rudder, carbon fiber traveler, higher cockpit (more room underneath), improved sliding hatch, and shorter beams for lower trailering height.

Beams and folding system come with a completely new and simplified hull mounting system that is virtually identical to the F-33, with no annoying hull notches, and virtually no interior intrusion. It does not have the F-33 carbon fiber folding system anchors in the hull, as these are a little tricky for amateur builders. However, they are incorporated in the ready made F-32 beams.

Bob Critchley’s F-32A TRINKET on the trailer, Queensland, Australia

The F-32 has one major advantage over the F-33 – there is a narrow 2.5m (8′ 2 1/2″) version (F-32A), which is the largest legally trailerable trimaran (without permit) in the world. The F-32AX version is the wider (permit required) version, and very similar to the F-33, with its additional interior room, plus there is an R version of both.

Ja Whan Jung built his own F-32AX in South Korea

Like the F-33, the F-32 has been designed with an ocean going capability in mind, for those intrepid sailors who cannot resist going offshore in what may intended to be a trailerable yacht for bay and coastal sailing, such as the F-9. If one can’t stop such sailors from ocean crossing, then one may as well make the boat as safe as possible, with all the necessary structural and safety features for extended offshore sailing designed in.

F-32AX Aft Cockpit Interior – the one with Xtra room

F-32A Aft Cockpit Interior – the one trailerable without a permit

Interior can be varied considerably to suit owner/builder’s preferences. The layouts shown are intended as general guides only, and can be mixed and matched as required, provided designated structural bulkheads remain as designed. Full size patterns for all internal bulkheads and most interior panels are included in plans along with optional DXF files for having all these items machine cut.

F-32AX Aft Cabin Interior with aft double bunk

F-32A Aft Cabin Interior – with traditional layout

Centerboard Option

F-32AX Aft Cabin Version Shown

A ‘kick back’ centerboard option has now been added to the F-32 design series. This will give a ‘roomier feel’ to the main cabin, and a much larger cabin table (can easily seat 6) is now possible. The settee seatbacks can also be dropped in between settees to form a very spacious main cabin double.

The other major advantage is the ability for the board to ‘kick back’ should one run aground, and this can be a very useful safety feature in shallower waters. Board is a higher aspect foil, and little deeper than the standard daggerboard, so it will be slightly more effective. This will make up for the extra slot drag associated with a centerboard case, and overall performance should be about the same.

Centerboard is now an option for both F-32A and F-32AX (F-32AX shown), with full construction drawings currently in process, and these will be ready by the end of July.

Note that ‘kick up’ centerboards are more complicated than a daggerboard, so will take longer to build, and the extra complexity may also mean more maintenance being required. However, having used such offset centerboards for all the original Trailertri designs, and the F-82, F-36 and F-39, the configuration used has been very well developed and tested. Follow the plans and it should be virtually trouble free.

F-32AX interior and room are very similar to F-33, as shown in following photos:

The F-32 cost to build is similar or just slightly more than the F-9 series. Though a little larger, the F-32 structure is more efficient in many areas.

The F-32 beams, new and unique “Beam Mounts (for mounting the beams and folding system into main hull), and the folding system are all available ready made to maximize ease and speed of construction. Plans for self made beams (though not as advanced as the ready made version) are included in the plans which will cut cost of ready made items required to less than $4000.

Plenty of clearance here to avoid pounding and drag. Outer end is 50mm (2″) higher compared to F-9

Particular care has also been taken to eliminate or reduce spray at high speeds, as with the F-33. Beams and folding struts are higher and further away from wave tops, and have been designed to trap and deflect any spray downwards.

Trailering beam varies depending on the float and beam configuration. The narrowest trailering beam (2.5m – 8′ 2 1/2″) for the F-32A will require self made beams.

Many F-33 parts are interchangeable, such as rudder, daggerboard, daggerboard case etc., but not the beams or folding system. The F-32 has the ability to fold down to a legally trailerable (without permit) beam, and the F-33 beams are not configured for this.

F-32R – Short Cabin Version

Cabin can be lower and shorter again if wished

F-32AX Deck Layout

F-32 Aft Cockpit Version

Andrew Dollway’s F-32 LADYBIRD in South Africa. Took line honours in the 2008
Round the Island race on Vaal Dam with some 500 boats competing.

Models Defined:

F-32A – the standard version, legally trailerable without permit, the ‘A’ signifying Amateur builder

F-32AX – a wider, roomier version, that will require a permit for trailering, the ‘X’ standing for extra room.
The best choice for ocean work with a greater load carrying capacity, and a wider overall beam.

F-32R & F-32RX – racing versions for experienced sailors, with a taller rig, the ‘R’ standing for Race.

Each set of plans cover all options, including details on aft cabin and aft cockpit versions, and all ‘R’ features, the only choice required initially being between ‘A’ and ‘AX’ models, which have different Full Size Patterns.

Roberto and Renzo Verzolini built their F-32 in Italy

List of F-32 Plan Contents

Thanks again for the great plans – they are one of the best plans I have seen and that is including
the AC (America’s Cup) plans or Volvo 60 plans, all boats I have worked on at different times.
Chris Boucher, F-32AX, Auckland, New Zealand

Bob and Chris Kent’s F-32AX under construction in Oregon
Dean Snow’s F-32AX sailing in Australia

F-32 Specifications

L.O.A………………………………. 32′ 3″ (9.83m)
B.O.A………………………………. 23′ (7.0m) …. F-32AX – 23′ 8″ (7.2m)
L.W.L………………………………. 31′ (9.45m)
F-32 Folded beam………………. 8′ 2 1/2″ – 8′ 6″ (2.5 – 2.6m) – depends on beams used
F-32AX Folded beam…………. 9′ 6″ – 9′ 8″ (2.9 – 2.95m)
Approx. bare weight …………… 2800 – 3700lbs (1270 – 1680kg) depending on model
Load Carrying Capacity ……… 2600lbs to 3000lbs (1180 – 1360kg) depending on model & weight
F-32 rotating mast ……………….43.3′ (13.2m) aluminum or carbon mast
F-32 sail area (main & jib)…… 638sq.ft (59.2sq.m.)
F-32R rotating mast …………….46′ (14m) – carbon mast
F-32R sail area……………………682sq.ft (63.3sq.m.)
Stability …………………………….56,000ft.lbs …. F-32AX – 57,500ft.lbs
Draft (board up)…………………. 1′ 5″ (0.42m)
Draft (d/board down)………….. 5′ 10″ (1.78m)
Draft (centerboard down)…….. 6′ 2″ (1.88m)
Aft Cabin Cockpit length………4′ 10″ (1.46m)
Aft Cockpit length……………….7′ 7″ (2.3m)
Interior Headroom ……………….6′ 2 to 6′ 4″ (1.88 – 1.93m) depending on interior layout
Auxiliary…………………………… Outboard or Inboard optional
All bunks can be a minimum of 6′ 6″ (2m) long or longer if required.

More Photos:

Rod Tharp’s F-32AX PAX near Seattle
Mike Secrest’s F-32RX, as built by Lombardi Yachts, and in the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show
Geoff Lobb’s F-32AX interior photos
Forward double berth