A high performance multihull sailboat kit

Matt Scharl’s F-25C GAMERA – photo by Boatpix

The F-25C kit has now been discontinued, but this page is being left available for informational purposes. Should sufficient demand appear in the future then production may resume. In the meantime, the F-82R is the home builders plan equivalent.

The F-25C is a very specialized boat, it being a roomy, ultra high performance trailerable multihull, and probably the fastest production cabin multihull of its size in the world. First launched in 1995, the F-25C now enjoys quite a reputation as a “giant killer” on the race course. It is a kit boat built from the latest high tech materials, with technically advanced methods, to achieve the lightest possible sailing weight.

Interior is very roomy and can sleep four, with several different interior layouts possible. There is also standing headroom under the large and unique combination pop-top, which can slide forward for quick cabin access, have the aft end only lifted to act as a dodger, or lift completely up to considerably increase comfort and room below. Sides can be fully enclosed/screened.

Cockpit will seat six, and is large enough for outdoor sleeping on summer nights. Further aft is a large swim step platform area which allows easy on and off access.

Mast is a carbon fiber rotating wing section, with boomless mainsail, and sail plan has been optimized by Olympic multihull medalist Randy Smyth, an F-25C owner. Power to weight ratio is high, for experienced sailors only, but a smaller rig is optional for the ultimate performance cruiser. A retractable ‘free standing’ bow pole (no side stays required) is used for the asymmetric spinnaker and screacher, for convenience and easy handling.

Daggerboard or centerboard are optional, as are a kick-up spade rudder or a transom mounted rudder. An outboard of 4 to 8 HP is recommended and this is mounted on the stern.

The F-25C is a potential line honors boat in just about any fleet with a current PHRF rating of -20, and it was easily the fastest multihull at both the 1996 and 1997 SORC series, in Miami, Florida. Originally thought of as a light air boat, some of the F-25C’s most impressive wins have come under trying conditions, as in the 1996 SORC. The F-25C enjoys a healthy class association and annual nationals, as well as several regional competitions.

F-25Câ„¢ Specifications

L.O.A.26′ 11″ (8.2m)
L.W.L.24′ 6″ (7.46m)
B.O.A.19′ (5.95m)
Folded Beam8′ 2 1/2″ (2.5m)
Draft10″ (0.25m)
D/board down4′ 5″ (1.35m)
Mast height36′ (11m)
Sail Area440sq.ft. (40.7sq.m) (Main & jib)
Height on Trailer9′ 8″ (2.95m)
Empty weight1760lbs (800kg)

The F-25C was available in kit form, for owner assembly, and this helped keep the price at an affordable level. Hull and deck construction is vacuum bagged epoxy carbon fiber composite, using an aircraft grade balsa core. A thin layer of special vinylester primer is utilized instead of heavier gelcoat to achieve a fair and easily paintable surface. The complete hull is then fully oven cured for maximum properties.

Kit construction is somewhere between a home built boat and a factory built boat. The major structural parts (hulls, decks, etc.) are built in a factory setting to ensure that each boat is built alike and to oversee quality control. Each individual builder then assemble these parts into a complete working boat.