F-22 Factory Update

F-22R hull #16 is now finished with mast raised
Undergoing its water test.
All clear and and now ready for shipping to Seattle. Back at factory #17 is being joined up and will then be heading to US East coast.

A hint For the F-22 from Evan McDonald – Hull #6, San Francisco. Evan writes:

A Tiller Clutch is handy. The line which passes through it is run through the two quick-pin holes as shown in the photo. It’s tied off on one side with a knot, and run through a clamcleat inside the under seat storage area to adjust tension.  When the lever is flipped down, it clamps on the line, holding tiller. A hard push overrides it if necessary. In the unlocked position it has almost no friction, which is nice because the F22 is so much fun to drive and the helm is so light.  I tried a bungee, but it ruined the steering feel when it was tight enough to work. This is better. 
Best Regards, Evan McDonald

Australian Delivery Report:

Guy Miller has just taken delivery of F-22 #15 in Melbourne, and writes:

Hi Rob and Ian Thank you and your team for producing such an awesome boat. I and everyone who has seen it are in awe at the look and quality of finish. There is certainly a lot more rigging and extras than I was expecting. The trailer is superb, I am so over boat trailer rollers and sharp metal fittings potentially damaging the hull and humans alike. My sailmaker was very impressed with the mast setup. Together the boat and trailer are like a magnet attracting people,( not all sailers) to it. Even people walking down the street catch a glimpse of it through the open doorway and stop in there tracks.  So well done, well worth the wait. Cheers, Guy