F-22 Completes First Sailing Season Sweden

Joakim Söderlund has been sailing his new F-22 over the Swedish summer and writes:


I have had a perfect summer with the boat, it was all I dreamed of and more, having done 1008 nautical miles. The first 800nm on the Baltic sea at an average speed of 7.9 knots but it dropped down to 6.1 knots when sailing on the sheltered waters of Lake Mälaren.

The F-22R has great balance and is extremely well behaved so sailing single handed in all conditions has been safe and enjoyable, even offshore in huge swells with the screacher up and doing 11 -12 knots as hard to the wind as possible. I mounted a Raymarine ST1000 autopilot but it has hardly been used. A shock cord centering the tiller is doing a good enough job most of the time. Been working too much this autumn, and I think my cruise last weekend was probobly the last one this year. I had just 8°C in the boat at night but sunshine, good winds and 14 knots boatspeed with just main and jib sailing 60° to the wind during the days.

With regards,

Joakim Söderlund,

F-22 #231