Cruising report and comment Hull#13


I hope things have gotten to a new normal for you all at the factory.  I don’t envy the position you were put in.  That is a big responsibility.

As I promised some months ago here are a few photos from my first longer cruise.  I trailered the boat to southwest Florida and spent about 2 weeks on the boat getting to and exploring the 10,000 Islands area of the Everglades that is on the Gulf of Mexico.  I went single-handed and had room to spare.  Didn’t even use most of the available storage.  I built a small carbon fiber “table” that attaches to the mast support pole and a boom tarp for shade and also to allow leaving the hatch open/pop top up in rain. 

Otherwise I’ve worked all the little things out and we have been having some great sails.  Had it up to 15.8 knots so far.

Thanks again for the beautiful boat.  Contemplating a trip to the Bahamas in the fall.

Robert Porter