Another F-22 Launched In Auckland, New Zealand

Neil Wilkinson has now launched his F-22R in Auckland, just in time for some sails before winter sets in
Tied up at the Team New Zealand dock
At the ramp, and ready to retrieve.

Neil writes:

Hi Ian,

On Sunday we had a couple of nice shakedown sails up and down the harbour and I’m very pleased with the way
she handles so far. Now keen to get the prod on and try that screacher. Tanya was with me in the morning and Ron
& Inge took some photos from Devonport wharf as we passed. I had it tied up to the dock at ETNZ from Friday so
it was pretty convenient to sail. Today Daniel & I dropped the mast, folded it up while tied up to the dock, motored
it round to the ramp at Westhaven and pulled it out for the first time with the mighty Skoda Yeti; no sweat!

Best Regards – Neil