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A Trailertri 720 in Canada

Tri-oomph at Henvy Inlet, Ontario

Doug and Jim Mackenzie have now had many good years of service from their Trailertri 720, which was launched way back in 1989. Jim writes:

Dear Ian

TT 720 #74 (Tri-oomph) is still going strong and has thousands of miles and smiles on her since being launched in 1989. I will be upgrading her to either your F-82 or F-22 but still have to make that decision. My father (and building partner) is leaning toward the 82 for its larger cabin for our cruises in Georgian Bay, but it may be a bit too large for our local lake. I am leaning toward the 22 because of the shorter building time, it's less expensive and, mostly, because of the possibility of future fleet or one design racing.

I went to see Larry Woods near Toronto during construction of his F-82R, and look forward to a ride on it this summer.  I have sailed on Peter Butler's F-25A & saw it during construction as he lives only blocks away from me. Chris Kozak is also a member of our sailing club here in London and is building an F-82 after seeing the great boats you design.

Please feel free to pass on my email address to anyone in my area interested in your designs, or a ride on a TT 720.  
Thanks again for your fantastic designs.
Jim Mackenzie

Fanshawe Yacht Club,
London, Ontario    Canada

At Pelee Island

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