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Two More F-41s Nearing Completion in Australia

December 24th, 2004

Terry O'Shea and Jack Dearden are each building their own F-41s only a few miles apart, and located in an area midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Both should be completed and launched in the first half of 2005.

From the outside neither has shown much sign of progress the last year, with all the work going mostly into the interiors, but these are now in the final stages, and both boats were almost ready for the final paint at time of the latest photos (early December).

Terry O'Shea's F-41 is being built by Grant Butler (with Terry helping) at Stapylton, Queensland.
Interior is now structurally complete, while exterior is fully faired and ready for final paint.

Earlier in 2004, with owner Terry and Denise O'Shea and family (Terry second from right),
with boat builder Grant Butler in white overalls. This is another very high quality project.

The swing up outboard bracket on Terry's F-41 - the first to use this
new bracket system

Jack and Marlene Dearden's F-41, being built at Carbrook, Qld., and also
nearing completion. Painters were actually due to do final coat the next day.
Jack will then be able to start the final exterior fitout, interior being basically
This is another excellent job.

Earlier in 2004 - actual weight (measured by four load cells) at this stage (with inboards)
was a very impressive 3504kg (7710lbs). Weighing at four known points, and then adding
the weight and location of all major items, such as mast and batteries, enables the actual
center of gravity to be calculated. The final waterline can then be precisely determined.

Starboard head and bathroom area - shower further forward. Jack has chosen
to use a textured coating in all accommodation areas, which saves weeks of
fairing. Looks very effective, and leaves more time to concentrate on the areas
that should be glossy such as in bathrooms and around galley.