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Almost There!

April 1st, 2005

Terry O'Shea's F-41 near Brisbane (Australia), and being built by Grant Butler, is now only a few months away from launching.

Being built at Stapylton, the exterior is now fully painted, and fitting out is proceeding well.

Terry's F-41 is the first to have the pivot style retractable outboards, as shown in the following sequence
of pictures. Motor is well protected, well forward, and deep in the water when down, while an electric
actuator is used to tilt the bracket. This is the lightest and simplest method for auxiliary power.

When up, motor is high and well protected behind bracket and fairing

Pivoting down and in operating position, where motor head remains well protected.

Electric actuator can be seen in photo at right. This allows lighter manual tilt motors to be used.
Full construction details for this bracket are in the F-41 plans

Yet another superbly built and finished boat

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