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F-33 Sailing In Australia

Updated February 2007

John Smith at the helm of his new F-33

John Smith's F-33, one of the last to be built in Australia, is now sailing on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. John writes:

Dear Friends,
To-day, in perfect Sunshine Coast weather, we hoisted the new sails made by my well loved son, Philip, and took Pocahontas out for the first time.  She sails like a witch, handles like a dream (Ian Farrier definitely knows something about designing trimarans) and we are well pleased.  The Smith family are back into sailing!!
Best Wishes to all, John & Janet

John purchased POCAHONTAS as a kit and then finished her himself, initially using space at the factory, and then took her home for the final fitout.

The delivery crew, with new baby in hand.

...and delivered safely to John's front yard. The advantage of a folding trimaran.

Just launched

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