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Another F-9AX Launched

August, 2005

Dave and Nan Bailey have now launched their F-9AX in Kuranda, North Queensland:

Nan writes:

Hi Ian,
We launched the boat on Sat 25th June, and had a week sailing around the Cairns area, mostly in 20 - 25 knot winds. David named her Iceni. She is named after the Celtic tribe from the area where David was born, and of which Bodecea was queen.

We took her out from Yorkeys Knob for her first sea trial. The winds were 20 - 25 knots with a choppy sea. On a reach with the main on two reefing points and the Genoa half furled in, we maxed at 15 knots, but averaged about 9. When we were going so fast we had a turkey tail of water out from the stern like a power boat. David gave her a really good try out and is very pleased with her handling under such conditions. She has a 6hp Yanmah inboard diesel and this handled very well, even out trolling for mackeral.

We had some time in the Half Moon Bay Marina at Yorkeys Knob, so friends could catch up with us, then went over to Fitzroy Island. David tried all positions in the wind, and even with a beam sea, she still handled well. That was a bit wet though, especially when the waves slapped onto the beams and then into the cockpit. We just sailed along quietly under reefed sails, doing 6 knots. Later in the week we took a friend out for a sail, and David lost his hat overboard. He promptly did a 360° turn, twice and picked it up. We did nothing to the sails in this, and she still did it without a hitch. He is very pleased with the boat. The best part for me was that I didn't get seasick once, in the whole week, and we had a great time.

With the winds picking up to 30 knots plus and work starting again in a couple of days, we packed her up and took her home up the mountain again. We got quite a few comments on the design and the fact that it is trailerable in our week out. So, thanks for a great design, for a fun boat.

All the best,
Nan & David Bailey

Some earlier photos:

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