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F-33 Launched in Vancouver, Canada

Sigi and Bettina Stiemer have now launched their F-33 HIGH5 in Vancouver, Canada, which they purchased as a kit and then arranged to have it finished to their requirements by Precourt Systems in Quebec. Sigi writes;

Our F-33 has been quietly and successfully launched on Sunday. The maiden voyage was great fun.

The boat surpassed all expectations! The designer (Ian Farrier), the builders (SN Composites and Precourt Systems), the sailmaker (Roger Hall), the mast and rigging designer and suppliers (Mike Leneman and Erik Precourt), and all the advisors and helpers (too long a list) can be very proud of the result.

At the dock

Aft view - note size comparison with the F-24 at front, one of which was Sigi's previous boat

Sigi and Bettina - Happy as Clams

Everything coming together in Sigi and Bettina's back yard in Surrey, BC

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