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First F-32 Main Hull Joined

March 28th, 2005

Tom and Cora Siemerink have just joined their F-32 center hull in Holland. Tom and Cora write:

Enclosed are some pictures before and after turning the hull. Because of the small space in the workshop we had to do it outside. After leveling the strongback we joined the hulls. The join line gap was within 0.5 cm. The weight of the hull (only bulkheads in place, no interior) is about 250 kg (550lb), easy to turn with 3 persons and a rope fixed to a car.

Joining the hull halves outside. Note the high density inserts already in foam core (as
detailed in plans). Saves hours of work later.

...and now complete. Note how few foam joins are required with vertical foam stripping.
Less work, less weight, less fairing

Going back into the shed. Holes in the bow are access holes for internal taping in
this confined area. These are then closed off once all such taping is complete.

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