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Another F-32 Building In Australia

February, 2006

Bob Critchley is another Australian builder making excellent progress with his F-32A, which is being built in Mackay, Queensland.

Completed float, and the first hull half

Second hull half, with first half above

Both halves now joined. Bob's Beam Mounts are being shipped from New Zealand this week.

Bob writes:

I have a rather restricted work space, although plenty of head room in a farm cane harvester shed. I stored one float up on the shelf in my work area, but it was too difficult to get the second float up onto the top shelf, so I knocked up a cradle with a spare set of wheels and walked it to another shed some distance away for storage. When I finished the first half of the main hull, the easiest thing to do was to just hang it from the shed roof girders and work under it. Caused a few ribald comments, but was actually quite convenient and avoided the inconvenience of trucking the half hull to a storage location.

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