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F-32 Progress In Australia

July, 2006

Tim and Cheryl Killen are now at the final painting stage with their F-32AX, and this could be one of the first F-32s launched if not the first.

Bogging up ready for final fairing, and checking daggerboard fit. Bogging is the term
used Down Under for applying fairing putty, which can actually be quite enjoyable.
It's the sanding off bit that is gets rather tiresome.

The 'bogged up' float. One nice thing about vertical stripping is that the hulls come out very fair
which helps minimize fairing. There are still a few tricks to make it easier and these are covered
in the Farrier Building Manual. But this is a good time to employ help to get it done as quickly
and painlessly as possible. The standard main hull safety hatch is also visible here.

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