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Mike Wright's F-25A Is First Home In 2006 Swiftsure

Mike had a great result in his last race with his F-25A SCOOTER, and writes:

I don’t know if you saw the Swiftsure results, but pretty cool. Jude Stoller on his F-25C took line honors in the Cape Flattery Race (100nm) against mainly F-9s and F-31, with Wayne Gorrie's F-31 Redshift 1st on corrected, and we took the double in the short Juan de Fuca Race (80nm) on Scooter.

The boat as always was incredible whether hanging with the F-31s upwind as well as beating the (3) F-27 and F-28CC to Race Pass (critical to get there before the current changed), or tight reaching with a single reef in 20 knots, doing 12 knots boat speed on the sprint into the mark, leaving Moxie the F-31R from the Midwest behind. The run back from Clallam Bay to the Race Pass was a hoot, all the way on one gybe in a building wind and 2-3 foot chop, 12-15 knots of boat speed, the floats never once stuffing and only minor rear beam slamming. Les who was driving (and used to sell Corsairs and raced an F-28R) was amazed at how well we handled the waves. He felt the ride was superior to the F-28R.

Overall we were the first boat to finish (mainly due to the fact that we sailed the short course) beating a Melges 30 (80nm course, later start) and the Transpac 52 Bravehart (100nm course, our start). As such we got interviewed by the local press as first boat in which was pretty cool; no one could believe I had built the boat. Results are up at the www.Swiftsure.org . Only bad thing was Cat Sass a Viva 27 Cat pitch-poled at the Race Passage in front of Redshift (almost same spot they had gone over) and that will no doubt cause some bad multihull press, but no one was hurt. Maybe they will go to stability limits like Chicago Mackinac has which will not be a problem for the F-Boats.

Anyway, thanks again for a great design and all the help over the years. When you are out of sight of land sailing in a big swell with the wind building, it is great to have 100% confidence in your boat and that is result of all your hard work. First overall home, first Juan de Fuca boat, and first in class, not a bad last sail.


Scooter's recently finished interior looks superb

Mike's F-25 is now up for sale, and at a good price, I must say, for such a well built boat (I saw it many times during construction and have also sailed on it).


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