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Canadian F-82R Now Assembled

September 18th, 2004

Larry and Krystine Wood's all carbon fiber F-82R has now been joined up with beams and floats, and should be ready for launching next spring.

Beams fitted in place, ready for floats to be added

This is one of the first aft cabin F-82s to be built, aft cabin visible here

Floats now joined to beams

and it's folded!

Larry writes:

Another two busy days and the floats are now attached to the beams. All that is left to do on them is the laminating on the outside joint. All the nasty laminating on the inside joints has been completed.

These pictures include the first time I folded the hulls and I could not believe how easy it was. It is a one hand operation. I will be fitting my trailer this week and them taking it all apart to complete the body work.

Looking for sanders if anyone has some time to kill this winter. Larry.

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