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Chris Edmonds F-82 Now Launched In New Zealand

Chris Edmonds F-82 has now been launched in Nelson, New Zealand. Chris writes:

Launching day was stunning.  Warm(ish) and 6 knots of breeze which was just perfect or the occasion.  We went out and buzzed a few yachts sitting out in the bay hoping for wind.  Main and screecher doubling as a Genoa and all went exceptionally well.  Almost all systems working well - at least under those conditions.

Sunday (the next day) was different and included an exciting reach into the bay and back.  Just enough to put a big smile on the helmsman's face before we froze in a hail storm at the dock.

Regards, Chris.

Just launched and unfolded at the ramp

At the dock with mast up - weather was perfect

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