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F-33 Sailing Report

Dick and Anne Anderson have now had their F-33 GREY HOUND on the water for over a year, and Anne writes:

Hey Ian,

Grey Hound is great! All things are working perfectly........ Dick and I launched her all by ourselves without a single hitch...........there was no one around to give even a single extra hand!

We stepped the mast in about 15 kts, with the wind off her front quarter ( we moved her to face into the wind and of course it shifted on us)...........mast went up nice and straight and the guide wires and raising system worked like a champ. We've already had 1 weeks vacation on her and she has almost 300 hundred miles under her this season. Last weekend coming home from the 1000 Islands we had a great sail downwind out of the River under reefed main and jib. She handled beatifully with an average speed of 14 knts. coming out of the river. We turned the corner for Sackets and put her on a reach and well, I'll just say we don't have to worry about breaking the 20 knt barrier anymore. The wind continued to build though (we probably had all of 25 - 30 with higher gusts) so we furled the head sail and sailed her home under main alone...........again she behaved beautifully! ......cruising anywhere between 11-15 knts

Thank you once again for such a beautiful boat............and we love our F-boat hats!

This weekend it's a sail to Kingston, Ont to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs in Canada.....weather's looking rainy and cold though, guess we'll see how badly we want to get there...... :-)

Best Regards,

And Dick writes (always good to get both sides of the story):

Hi Ian,

We just got back from a 5 day stint on Grey Hound and we passed our 1 year mishap anniversary without any issues what so ever. In fact we had our son and wife on board for the sail around Lake Ontario and managed a couple of great sails! We did a hard 55 mile sail straight upwind to Waupoos Island in 25 knot winds and have started to perfect our second reef tactics. Warpspeed line is an expensive and lousy line to use for reefing lines and halyards. The core stretches and the cover rips out. We’re going to another type of line going forward as both reefs have blown out using that line.

The sail back home yesterday was great……15-20 knots of wind with boat speed from 11-19kts on a reach and we did a 70 mile run in less than 6 hours to the dock! What a difference running deep with the screecher, the lee bow essentially blowing the water to bits and never feeling like it was going to dive under. The F-27 wasn’t quite like that!! The lee float was just blasting through and all we did was to hold on to the sheets and sit back and surf…..great fun!

Everything else seems great. The head hose had a leak where the whale pump would hit it but replacing it was a 10 minute job. We put a Nicro vent in the main cabin and that has addressed most of the dampness issue. We have synthetic oil and lower unit fluid in the saildrive and its working fine. I still wouldn’t replace it with an outboard. I replaced the rubber gasket with closed cell foam and it appears to be working outstanding.

Well, I’ll end with that. Just wanted to tell you how much enjoyment we’re getting out of Grey Hound. I think she is getting used to us Yankees! Hope you like the picture……..



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