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F-9R Being Built In New Zealand (Auckland)

New Zealand Multihulls are currently building an F-9R for themselves, at Silverdale, which is located just north of Auckland.

Earlier in 2004 - two Mk II (larger) floats complete and first main hull half
being lowered onto second half.

This boat is being built as a spec. boat and is thus for sale at any stage of completion. For more information contact Steve Salmond steve@newzealandmultihulls.com

Cockpit area with aft beam in place, and getting ready for joinup

Interior galley being formed up. A well built and light boat.

The crew at NZ Multihulls are all multihull enthusiasts, and are well known for the quality of their work, such as on their recently completed 16.5m (54 foot) racing cat (below), where they even built the carbon mast. A very impressive boat.