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Another F-9AX Launched In Australia

Alan and Janet Dowler have now finished their F-9AX which they built in South Australia. They write:

Dear Ian

We have finished our F9AX and already trailed it to Townsville from Adelaide and returned, having sailed about 450 NM in and about the islands between Townsville and Cairns . We managed to have it finished enough to do so within 18 months and that’s with both of us working full time in our “day jobs”  Its still a work in progress , but we’re using it each week, cruised a lot, and just about to consider some club /social racing this winter.  We are more convinced that we picked the right design each time we sail it and for that we thank you.

Cheers, Alan and Janet Dowler

Alan and Janet's F-9AX was truly built in a back yard

Alan Dowler and what looks to be a very nicely built boat

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