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F-9AX Launched In Ohio

Bill Quigley from Ohio has launched his F-9AX TATIANA and has since done a cruise in Florida. Bill writes:

Hi Ian,

 I had a trial launch and shakedown of my boat last weekend.  We attained 12 knots in 15+ TWS with a single reef in the main.   About twice as fast as I've ever sailed in my own boat.  We were literally sailing circles around all the other boats on Ohio's Alum Lake. My friend who is a fisherman but not a sailor kept chuckling because the powerboats were not used to having to make radical course corrections for a sailboat moving so fast.  

Overall I'm very pleased and glad I embarked on this project.  Thanks for all your support over the years.  It really made the difference between a real boat and some chunks of fiberglass moldering in the back yard.  I'm planning on trailering to Miami and spending a couple of weeks in the Bahamas this winter, something I could do with no other boat.

I like the boat more every time I sail. Saturday in about 2 knots of wind we sailed several miles  past a monohull race, then returned and sailed past again, while they all sat on the same leg.  Then we beached the boat, where this photo was taken.  I didn't build the new style rudder because I didn't think I would be beaching the boat, but I didn't realize how convenient it is.  No matter: the rig is so well balanced that we just turned the boat around, pushed off, and sailed away from the beach with the rudder up, steering by trimming the main.

I also weighed the boat and am happy to say it came in at just over 3400 lbs., including all sailing gear and rigging, main and jib, but no outboard (or nets, yet).


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