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F-boats Cruising in Florida

Phil Sanders spent some time sailing his F-31 in Florida last winter and met up with Jim and Pam Van Den Berg with their F-36/F-39. Phil writes:

Greetings Ian,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying life. Spent sometime sailing our boat along with Jim and Pam Van Den Berg on their F-39 'Screech' in the Keys this winter. Their boat is holding up well. They are currently in the Bahamas and will return in a month or so. I have attached a photo I took of our boat (green canvas), another F-31 and 'Screech' while we were rafted in Marco, FL.

Fair Winds,

Phil Sanders
F-31 kimosabi
#43 1996 (Ron White's first F-31)

Screech is an F-36 that has been upgraded to F-39 specifications, with longer hulls, daggerboard rudder etc., but non-folding.

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