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Another F-32AX Building In Australia

Geoff Lobb is making good progress with his F-32AX, which he is building in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Geoff's family has a history in multihull building and sailing, starting with father (Denis Lobb) building a Piver AA48 in New Plymouth NZ in the late 60's and the family then sailing that throughout the Pacific in the early 70's with Geoff and his brother doing correspondence schooling . Two more tri's were then built, one of which they sailed to Australia to settle in Coffs Harbour in 1981.

Geoff wrote that he put a lot of time into researching what type of boat would ideally suit him and his wife, to both build and sail, and it was pleasing to see him choose the F-32

Floats complete and main hull form frames setup

Foam planking going on the main hull

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