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First F-32AX Launched in Australia

The F-32AX 'Tacher' at Gary's anchorage, on Fraser Island

Tim and Cheryl Killen launched their F-32AX on 31st March, 2007 and Cheryl writes on the launching:

Dear Ian,

Just a quick note to let you know that we launched our F-32 last Saturday.  A very cloudy, showery, windy weekend - but a nice high tide early in the morning!!

Left home 6am - dry.  Arrived Tin Can Bay 40mins later - wet, and very overcast!!!  What a day to launch - oh well!!   No hassles towing and no problems with launching or mast raising.  Motored with mast down to a protected area in the Bay called "Crab Creek" where we methodically organized halyards and the mast raising event.  "Spectacular", "very interesting" - there weren't too many onlookers, but those who were present were rather surprised and (I'm sure) enjoyed the procedure.

Took her for a sail on the Sunday approx 20/30 knots of breeze in the Bay.   Had some "extra hands" on board that day.  All I did was enjoy the ride! Poked along under a 2nd reef with the headsail up - max speed achieved on our morning outing was 15 knots.

We've decided to name our tri "Tacher" (initials from our names) and is pronounced tasha.



Cheryl wrote again on May 12th:

Dear Ian,

At last, I have been able to sit down in front of the computer and sort out some pics.  Sorry to take sooo long!!  The pics revolve around the last month after launching day which was 31st March, with our first sail on April 1st.  

We trailed our tri "Tacher" home on Wednesday to do a "little bit more" i.e. painting where the beams fitted and to antifoul the floats - we have a nice waterline mark on the floats from being a month or so in the water.  T'was a very enjoyable "sea change"!!

This trimaran just leaves us with huge grins every time we go for a sail.  She handles so well - extremely responsive and "well behaved" (when gusts of wind strike), speedy, light on the helm, manoeuvres fabulously (both under sail and motor - 15hp Yamaha), eye-catching appearance, - an absolute beautiful boat - a credit to the designer and my husband, the builder!!!  (I can't take much of the credit - I was only the T/A - trimaran assistant or tradesman assistant!!)

We love the ability to choose whether to stay in deep water, or to anchor close to shore - sand banks are wonderful!!  Trailerability, cabin roominess (glad we decided to go with the AX model), our aft cockpit is huge with all halyards and winches easily managed and controlled from there.  

The mast raising and lowering procedure is simple and easy  - we put the floats out and the mast up/down whilst on the water. These are just some of the mind blowing features of this striking trimaran that we enjoy.

We certainly "raised some eyebrows" and "turned a few heads" during the recent Bay to Bay race weekend.  Although we did not participate in the actual race, we followed the huge flotilla of boats (trailer sailers inc. monos, tris and a couple of demountable cats) from Tin Can Bay to Gary's Anchorage - did I say follow - we caught up, passed and were up there with the other faster boats - we were "tickled pink"!!  The wind was quite variable - gusty ENE to begin, dropping to very light conditions and even the doldrums dropped in for a short time.  All in all we had a great weekend with our two children, Tanya and Bradley.  We had an exhilarating and pleasant return sail. The furling Screacher is an absolute gem!

Thank you again for your help, support and advice given when needed during our two and half years of building.

Cheers from happy sailors,

Tim and Cheryl Killen

Tacher's standard of finish and detailing is very high as can be seen from this photo.
It is a real credit to Tim and Cheryl.

A good view of the latest 'third generation' beams and folding system

Stern view showing daggerboard rudder and the outboard motor mounted on a track

Bow view, with the standard internal access hatch visible on starboard side. Cheryl comments:

"we love the safety hatch where it is - nice and breezy even when raining.  Haven't caught any fish out of there yet!!!"

Under sail with main hull bow well clear. Forward beams use double bolts to secure,
while aft beams only need one

Following the Bay - Bay race fleet

Most of whom were soon behind

Tim and Brad Killen (Brad on the helm)

Tanya Killen giving 'Tacher' a tow in shallow water - note anchor conveniently on bow roller

Close up of bow wing detail, with carbon fiber forestay chainplate visible at top

A close up of the anchor roller on the bow wing.

Galley area - note opening window in cabin side. These may not look as good as shaped
windows from the outside, but they sure are much more useful and practical in the tropics.

The separate head area, also with an opening window. More interior photos are in an
earlier report

Tim and Cheryl Killen - the happy owner/builders

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