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F-27 in Europe

Pierrick Pedron has a 16 year old F-27 in France and writes;

Thanks Ian for taking time to answer.... and please continue to design the best boats
you can! My F-27 is now 16 years old, it crossed the Atlantic from California to France
on a flat-rack 6 years ago, and it is in perfect condition. The folding system works like
the very first day.

I am attaching a picture of my boat during a race last year going round-trip from the French
Riviera (Antibes) to the Corsica island (Calvi). One way is 92 nm, so this is off-shore sailing.
We finished 6th last year (142 boats), and a F25C finished 2nd behind the former Maxi "Matarese".
This is a "classic" race to which I participate every year.

Best regards,
-- Pierrick Pedron
F-27 #251 Shadowfax

Video Of Pierrick's F-27 at Speed
(14-18knts) in Corsica

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