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New F-22s and Owner Comments

The second production F-22 to be launched in Sweden this year.
More going soon to Netherlands and Norway.

Martin Kessler's F-22R now launched in Salem, Massachustts

and sailing with family

Robert Porter's No 233 arriving in Florida (and survived Hurricane Irma). Robert purchased our trailer
frame for the shipping cradle, and then fitted his own running gear, including axle. Robert writes:

Dear Ian and Rob,

I owe you a very big thank you for designing and building such a beautiful craft. Everything is well thought out and executed, down to the smallest details that most would not even consider. The craftsmanship is second to none.

The boat did arrive on Friday as promised. The warehouse folks did a good job and went above and beyond. It was 94 degrees out when we pulled it out of the container. I was so sweaty I might as well have been swimming. We weren't able to get the floats on at the warehouse, mostly because I didn't get the set up guide out, though I had read it earlier. The main hull was loaded on my friend's flat bed trailer and we took it to his shop. It took over 2 hours to get it off the trailer because the tubing for mounting the axle was hitting the trailer bed after the front casters were on the ramp. Finally succeed and then went back to the warehouse to get the floats.

I was able to install the axle, brakes and wheels on Saturday. Everything fitted fine.  The bed seems to be higher than I thought it would be, even though I tried to translate the dimensions from the axle you used to the one I bought.  The top of the wheel looks about the same height relative to the trailer frame as it is in your drawings.  Perhaps it will be lower once the floats, motor, sails, etc. are on.

I had not had time to look at the cabin thoroughly until today. Again everything beautifully crafted and so much rigging and hardware. I haven't looked closely at the mast but I'm assuming the standing rigging is already attached since I didn't see it in the cabin. I was surprised and delighted to see how the settee folds up and the privacy screen pulls out. I had no idea that was included.

Tomorrow will install the floats with help from my friend's employees and take it home.  Then hope to have it on the water in a few more days. Didn't have time to take many photos but a couple are attached. Thank you again so much.  I look forward to some fantastic sailing and cruising.

Sincerely, Robert Porter

Brief Comments Recently Received From F-22 Owners:

From San Francisco

I should say that we are having a blast on the F-22. Really loving it. We had her out Wednesday and it blew 25 consistently with sustained gusts up to 34kts. We were doing 13kts close hauled for a long stretch with the main shortened to the second reef. Of course, it was a soaking fun ride, and our whooping and hollering never stopped.  The sail retains a very nice shape at each reefed position, and the helm is light no matter how much main is showing.

Best, Evan McDonald,

From Spain

Only a few words Ian to thank you for such a good design: yesterday we sailed the F-22 under force 5-6,  with 2 reefs & jib, and it was both fast and relaxed, even against the wind (no huge waves yet though); rudder was completely balanced with this sail plan too...what a boat!

Kind regards, Toni Mones,

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