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F-22 Factory News - September, 2017

Now that the new interior mold is producing parts, production is starting to speed up significantly. It has taken around 2 weeks out of the building time which is a substantial saving. We are now very confident of achieving one F-22 every month out of our NZ factory, and improving this to one every 3 weeks soon. The order backlog will now finally start to come down.

Hull #235 (#15) is in background above being fitted out, and should be shipped this month to Australia.

F-22 in foreground is general manager Rob Densem's own boat, which he built over a number of years
and launched in 2012. Currently undergoing refurbishment, and also being updated in many areas to
incorporate the latest production features. Will then be offered for sale and is a chance to buy
an excellent F-22 now. If you would like to know more then contact Rob.

No 234 was shipped last month, and has now arrived in Australia

We have now also moved to a self-adhesive non-skid, which offers many advantages, particularly in comfort and grip. This type of non-skid has been in common use for many years, but usually at 6mm thick, which was just too heavy and bulky for a light weight trimaran. However a local company can now make in 3mm thick using a 3M base product, just what we needed. This will be on every boat from now on. Tough, rubbery, and very hard to damage. But just in case we will also be supplying a repair kit with various size pieces that can be bonded in place when needed (just cut out the damaged part). Better still, it has also taken a couple of days off the building time - everything is getting faster!

Our first full set of Southern Spars carbon wing masts arriving for the F-22R. These are now
optional for the F-22R

The first one being assembled.

No 16 (#236) hull now infused (production F-22 numbers start at 220). This week No. 17 deck is being made
and we are now at the same stage I was at in 1987, when setting up to build F-27 No. 17. Something I wrote
back then still has great relevance today:

Meanwhile Back At The Factory

Just over two years after the above was written we were building two F-27s every week!

BOAT SHOWS - we were planning to be at our first boat shows over the next 6 months, the first of which was Annapolis in early October. However, making and implementing the interior mold took much longer than expected, and the boat destined for the Annapolis Show will just not be ready in time. Thus we have had to give up on this for 2017, but have already made our booking for 2018.

We have also been looking at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in Germany, in January, and while we have not ruled it out yet, it could be difficult. We just don't have the boats readily available as yet, and right now every boat produced is reserved for an owner. With our current orders it is also hard to justify the time and expense of a boat show, where we should be concentrating on building boats. As much as I would like the public to see the type of craft we are building, we are just going to have to be patient for a while longer.

There are a couple of other US Boat Shows in 2018 that we are considering, but I do not want to commit yet.

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