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F-22 Factory News, March 1, 2017

F-22R No 230, about to undergo its sea trial, and to test out the Southern Spars carbon wing mast
that could become a future option

Unfolded and at the dock.

Heading up Lyttelton Harbour

Lyttelton township and inner harbour in the background, new general manager Rob Densem in
cockpit with F-22 builder Neil Wilkinson at the helm. Neil is the foil engineer for Team New
Zealand, so is used to going a little faster.

Back at the factory they were loading No 231, which is heading to Sweden

No. 230 now back and waiting for its container to arrive next week, after which it will be heading to
the USA

No 231 now fully packed in the container, and ready for the doors to be shut.

While in the factory, 233 was coming out of the mold

with No. 234 deck already made, hull now being laminated (below), and 235 to be started soon.

Outside, the container loading sequence using a 'Side Lifting Truck' can be seen:

Just makes it so easy

231 on way to Sweden for a spring launching, with another two F-22s to be shipped next month.

Meanwhile MHD have been very busy with the F-45RC and the F-33, but are well into building
more F-22 molds in their Clark Factory for the Philippine built production version:

Factory Boat Also Now Sold

Our factory F-22S (222) has been sold to Auckland, and is shown having its final test launch,
before delivery later this month. The original carbon R mast shown is to be replaced with
a standard F-22S mast and all new sails

Being busy building boats No. 222 has actually had very little use, so one last sail!

Show Boat Presence 2017 - 2018

An F-32RX at the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show - it has been a long wait!

Now that production is starting to ramp up, we are looking at exhibiting the F-22 for the first time
in major Boat Shows later this year. Possibilities include Southampton, Annapolis, and Dusseldorf
(early 2018), and any show attendance will be confirmed later in the year.

The very first show for the Tramp, back in 1980. A radically new boat for that time (1981 Australian
Boat of the Year), and then followed by another 'game changing' boat - the F-27 (US Sailboat Hall
of Fame). Now it will be the F-22's turn.

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