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F-22 Factory, February 12, 2017

Still a log jam of boats, with two boats ready for shipping, but on hold until the weather warms up in
Northern Hemispere. Factory F-22R (in foreground) is now also sold and will be heading to Auckland
next month, after we have refitted it with an F-22 rig.

Meanwhile we have just taken delivery of a new (expensive) gelcoat system which will further speed up
production. Up until now we had been using a presssure pot gelcoat system, but while accurate, this is
very slow. This is the first of many major improvements that are scheduled for 2017, in order to
substantially increase F-22 production

We are also now installing the first optional Frontrunner' fabric interior liner which gives a very
tough and practical interior, but with a very warm and luxurious feel.

New Management

The major change for 2017 is my appointment of Rob Densem as Farrier Marine's General Manager. Rob is very
experienced with a background in marketing and corporate financing, plus he built his own F-22 back in 2013:

F-22 NZ Launching

Rob thus knows the F-22 inside and out, so he can answer all the questions, and fits in perfectly to help rapidly
expand Farrier Marine as is now required. The F-22's development phase is just about finished, so Rob's presence
will also free me up to start looking at new designs.

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