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F-22 Factory News, April 21, 2017

The F-22 design has just been the subject of a review in the May issue of Sailing magazine (USA)
by renowned monohull designer Bob Perry, and this can be seen at:

F-22 Design Article

Meanwhile, back at the factory, F-22 No, 232 will be ready for shipping to Sweden next week. This
will make four F-22s shipped so far this year, which already exceeds all the deliveries made in 2016!
We expect to deliver at least one a month for the rest of this year from the New Zealand factory,
possibly increasing to one every 3 weeks towards the end of the year. This will quadruple our
production from last year, and we should be able to double or triple that again next year.

We have also booked a space in the Annapolis Boat Show in early October, and all going well this
will be the first time the F-22 can be seen at any show. There are quite a few logistical issues with
exhibiting to take care of so I cannot say this will be a 100% certainty yet, but it is definitely past
time for the public see all the new F-22 features (many still unpublished). So we will be doing
everything we can to make sure an F-22 is at Annapolis. I last exhibited an F-27 there in 1989, so
know what it takes, and am 95% sure we can do it. After Annapolis, the huge Dusseldorf Show in
Germany will be the next target.

Our factory F-22S was delivered last month to Auckland, and this was our first delivery in New
Zealand. Rob Densem towed it up to Picton to meet the new owners who had driven down from
Auckland, and crossed over Cook's Strait on the ferry to pick up their new boat, shown waiting

Happy new owners (David and Jenny Lang) see their boat (Mollymawk) for the first time at Picton

Rob Densem then flew up to Auckland a week later to help with the first sail, and demonstrate how
everything worked. Mollymawk will be sailing out of Weiti Boating Club at the base of the
Whangaparoa Peninsular

Motoring out folded - the usual procedure should the launching area be small or narrow

Soon doing 14 knots! Rob could not believe what a great sailing area it was.

...and just a week later, Mollymawk was used for a Lang family cruise (with 3 children) out to Great
Barrier Island

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, MHD remain very busy with the F-45RC and the F-33, but continue
building more F-22 molds in their Clark Factory for the Philippine built production version:

There are over 40 molds in an F-22, and making them sometimes feels like watching paint dry.

Renovation of A Classic

The F-27 has been a benchmark classic design for years now, with many 20+ year old examples
around, and they make great restoration projects, as the original construction quality was excellent
and no more are being made!

F-27 Renovation

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