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2016 F-33RX In Florida

John Novak now has his F-33RX sailing in Sarasota, Florida

and John writes:

Dear Ian,

We are loving the boat.  We’ve done a lot to get it ready for an extended trip, and are very close.  Racing to Key
West in May, then cruising to Bahamas in time for Regatta Time in Abaco in late June.  It sails great!  Very
comfortable in heavy weather and when pushed.  Especially love the pilot stern seats.  Changes the whole sailing
experience. Not yet sailing her to her full performance potential; gradually dialing her in - the next few big races
will tell.

The recent Corsair Nationals was our first major race and we didn't have the right sails, the right crew, or a well
tuned boat. I know that if we hadn't run over our (borrowed) spinnaker, for instance, we would have done much
better.  But we did maintain an "open house" on the boat all weekend and had lots of interested visitors.  She
showed GREAT. Lots of positive comments. I am really optimistic that the F-33 program will be wildly successful.

She is a beautiful, well-built boat. Look for better things out of Triple Threat in the Bone Island regatta (179 miles
from Sarasota to Key West in May) and in the Regatta Time in Abaco (in the Bahamas in June).

Wishing Farrier Marine the best of success!

John Novak,
F33RX – Triple Threat,
Sarasota, FL


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