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F-33RX Drone Photos

Pete Patullo's F-33RX pictured from a drone

Looking very good for a 12 year old boat - Original Launching - Pete writes:


Here are some drone shots of our F-33RX “Nelda Ray” with Main and Screacher.

We just did our annual maintenance, over 80 man-hours into boat, trailer and motor after 12 seasons, 12,000 nautical miles and 90,000 trailered. Our biggest projects this year were, loosening the nets, diagonals and resetting everything. The updated bushings we installed two years ago are showing no sign of compression. The biggest issue was our diagonals not being adjusted correctly and were the root cause of the folding issues I addressed in an earlier F-boat forum post. Once everything was squared back up… works like new again!

We just won the Turn-Back Canyon regatta on Lake Travis near Austin, TX against 10 other Tri’s, we off to race in the 79th Queens Cup out of Milwaukee, WI in 2 ˝ weeks…. and then the Chicago Mac in July.


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