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Latest F-33 Production News

The fully molded production F-33 is getting closer! The first trial parts for the molded version
are shown, just out of the mold to check fit of deck to hull. A two part main hull mold allows the
reverse bow to be molded in, with the spinnaker pole socket integrated, providing a very smooth
and fully molded bow. Another first. The join line can still be seen here, but this will be blended
in on actual production boats making it invisible.

Side view

The latest F-33 finished, and ready to ship to Canada

And just one more of the special hand crafted versions, about to be painted. This is another all carbon
boat and destined for the USA

All the major new molds for the production F-33 are shown above. Will make the F-33 much quicker
to manufacture and with a perfect finish every time.

Closeup of the new main hull mold

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