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F-32AX First Launching in Romania

Paul Roman has now finished his F-32AX in Bucharest, Romania

and launched it for a quick water test. Looks like another light boat that is floating high. Paul writes:

Dear Ian,

I had a "check" launch with the boat a few weeks ago. I was on a lake close to Black Sea (about 250km) from where I am now. There were problems with quality of ramp and had a friend helping with a car that has pneumatic suspension and was able to raise a little bit the trailer but even so it touched quite badly the ramp floor. We pulled it out right after trial as my friend could not stay longer. No time for mast and sails test. I was quite relieved to see boat floats even and as per plans with floats just touching water. Water line is painted 10cm higher and it seems right as it floats.

Best regards, Paul 

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