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New F-32 Launched in France

Olivier Faucon has just launched his F-32 in France and writes:

Dear Ian,

This short mail to let you know that I finally launched my F-32 Ti'junik last month in France. Some pictures attached.

I started this project in 2006, so it's been quite a long process, much more than I anticipated. One reason is that, after an initial one year period building the hulls in Sri Lanka, I had to go back to work in France, and working full time it's not the ideal situation to build a boat aside, it slows considerably the pace. Then from 2010 to 2015, I left France again to the Philippines and I had unfortunately to leave the F-32 behind, the cost of shipping the already assembled hulls would have been too high. But I have no regret, I like to say it's been "my building", meaning that it transformed myself, perhaps as much as the raw materials that I've turned into a boat.

So now, she is still unfinished (interior is stil to be faired and painted, plus many details), but as I fitted the mast in June, I felt like I needed to trial sail her, which I did in August. I took an immense pleasure, and the boat met all my expectations: fast, agile, balanced, easy to sail... This gave me an additional motivation to finish her, as from now on I can enjoy sailing at the same time.

Thanks for the superb design, the detailed and easy-to-follow plans, and your constant support!

Best Regards. Olivier Faucon

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