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Modified F-31

Vincent DePillis now has his modified F-31 sailing

Vincent has fitted it with new F-32 floats, and built a set of high clearance third generation beams as
were first developed for Cheekee Monkee, and are shown being fitted above. Vince writes:

Hi Ian

Got some better sailing over the weekend, with some stronger winds (gusts to 20knots?).  New beams and floats have changed the boat considerably.  Boat seems much more powerful.  Leeward float rides high and never buries.  Much less splashing because of beam arch, cleaner floats, and ride height.  Reaching is much safer feeling than it was.

Boat seems to have a consistently more bow up attitude when sailing.  In heavier wind, this seems like a good thing, as it keeps the rudder stuck in, and keeps the bow from burying.  Transom releases water cleanly, like a planing power boat. 

Vincent B. DePillis

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