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F-22 Delivery To Sweden

Joakim Söderlund has just received his F-22 which was shipped in March (above) and his initial comments are:

Hi There!

I just got the boat yesterday (Tuesday May 9) and was completely blown away!

Iíve been dreading that maybe all the testimonials of all the other customers was due to them having lower expectations than me and that I might not be satisfied having bought a pig in a bag and all.

But hell no! The craftmanship, the attention to details and the pure genius of it all is marvelous!

I havenít had time to put it together yet or even go through everything but all Iíve seen so far is just perfection. This weekend putting it all together will be for me like Christmas to a kid!


Note: While we are striving to achieve perfection with the F-22, there will always be some glitches with current and future deliveries. I don't think we have delivered a 'perfect' glitch free boat yet, but some have been close. However, when the inevitable problem arises we make every effort to resolve it as quickly as possible. We then take steps to ensure any such problem cannot happen again, with procedure changes where necessary, plus an additional 'Check off' item in our final 100+ item quality check.

Our aim is to deliver a perfect boat every time, but I doubt we can get close to achieving this until boat #25, and even then there will still be the occasional minor issue.


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