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F-22 Sailing In Auckland, New Zealand

David and Jenny Lang took delivery of their F-22S in Auckland last month, our first NZ delivery, and David Writes:

Dear Rob (and Ian),

We wanted to provide feedback after our first week sailing with the whole family: We love the boat!

In short the boat easily lives up to the described benefits on the Farrier Website in terms of performance, ease of handling and comforts of life aboard. The build quality and attention to detail in terms of engineering and finish are exceptional.

My first trip (solo plus dog) let me consolidate the valuable training we got through your visit to show us the ropes. I found I could set up the boat and launch and retrieve without assistance. A removable trailer extension is helping with the very shallow ramp during launching. My solo trip comfortably took me on a round trip via Tiritiri Matangi island, Great Barrier, Little Barrier, Kawau island then home to the Whangaparoa peninsula in 48 hours with plenty of time enjoying the sights along the way. Weather Northerly up to 20kn dropping to light airs then isolated thunderstorms providing exciting gusts between light winds from the West.

The next week long trip was with Jen and 3 kids (plus dog). We visited Rakino island then across to the Coromandel peninsula to let the kids play through the island chain from the harbour mouth north (demanding to return to prior built huts in the bush). We also dropped in for better meals than I cook on the Orego in Coromandel, Coleville and Oneroa on Waiheke island. Weather stunning with light winds and the last day a return to the 20kn Northerly.

Having sailed a Noelex 22 (22 foot monohull trailer sailer) for the last 5 years we are loving having 3x as much ‘deck’ space for the crew, a cabin that is much roomier (high, wide, open-plan) and a boat that remains comfortable across a wide range of weather conditions that would have been intolerable in the monohull both sailing and at anchor. The Noelex needed a millpond to not roll us out of our berths and had a very much narrower comfortable wind speed sailing ‘window’. We would also add we are enjoying going like a rocket - at the anchorage before we know it with the kids out and playing. Most previous trips there would be at least one sea sickness vomit- none on Mollymawk so far!

Most telling is the kids who used to get bored on sailing trips (longer passages confined to cabin on a heeled over wet boat) were telling us they did not want to go home and I overheard the youngest telling the others “I love Mollymawk”.

Thank you for the perfect boat to allow our family to spend time together in the environment we love.

David Lang

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