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F-22 In Dubai

Robert Lakos has now been sailing his F-22 in Dubai for a year and writes:

Hi Ian,

All is well and I’m happy to report with no hesitation that I’m loving the F-22. I’ve logged about 50 outings to date: mostly short afternoon outings with 2 - 3 hours of sailing, followed by anchoring for an hour or two of swimming and eating.

One of my hopes for the F-22 was that it would be the sort of boat I could invite my non-sailing friends and they would have fun. “Non-sailing” in the sense that they’ve never been on a sail boat and often not even on anything smaller than a cruise ship. Often they are non-swimmers, nervous about water, and the prospect of heeling over at 30 degrees is a big no-go zone.

Anyway with anything over 6 or 7 knots of wind it is a guaranteed winner for an afternoon out. Boat speed is fun, and it is easy to move around from cockpit to nets. Everybody loves the nets. And we even have ‘facilities’ on board for when nature calls and exhibitionism isn’t your thing.

Also, I want to add my endorsement to your comments on the web site and elsewhere that the F-22R is fast, but not frighteningly so. I’ve come nowhere close to pushing the limits of the boat, but we’ve had lots of extended reaches at 10 - 13 knots — fun, exhilarating. Not scary, and pretty dry although if you are on the nets you’ll definitely get a wet bottom.

Re-reading your “important note on performance” on the web site, I’d like to add one observation about the fun of speed: the F-22 hits a sweet spot for enjoyable speed because it easily hits 10 - 13 knots in winds of roughly 10 - 13 knots. At those wind speeds the waves tend to be small. Which makes it all the more pleasant.

I know the design is for 5 persons max. but thought I’d share that we’ve had 6 or 7 very comfortably for a few hours of day sailing with just a drinks cooler. Had 8 people one time though that really requires the skipper to excel in moving people around. Main problem comes in tacking because people are inevitably sitting on lazy sheets and furling lines and so you need to think well in advance to get all the lines clear. Problem is that guests are usually very relaxed lounging on nets. I do love the boomless main so no regrets there: it truly takes the head-knocking stress out of bringing non-sailors out for a relaxing day on the water.

Thanks for a great boat.




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