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Another F-22RC Launched In Australia

Andrew McLeod has just launched his F-22RC (all carbon) in Australia (Port Macquarie) and writes:

Hi Ian,

Hull #120 is now on the water. Today we had out first sail on 2XS, which started out as a drifter but by lunchtime turned
into a 20 knot sea breeze. I was still getting the feel of the boat and did not have any cunningham or rotation controls
set up so I know there are easy speed gains there.

Initially we joined the Port Macquarie Yacht Club inshore regatta a little late at the bottom mark on the first of two laps.
In the light breeze we quickly overtook several 40 foot yachts and at one stage surged to 11 knots upwind in bugger all wind.

The second race saw the seabreeze kick so we put a reef in the main and with growing confidence 2XS surged to a commanding
lead over the fleet of 40 foot cruising boats and a Farrier Tri. The initial downwind leg saw an incident where the boom took
out the eldest daughter in a gybe however she insisted we continue and we furled the Jib and continued with just the reefed
main. After turning at the bottom mark, we saw speeds over 10 knots upwind in bursts on the work back up until a fitting
pulled out of the boom and we were forced to retire. I am content that there is a lot of potential here and lot of learning
to come.

Thanks for a great design, and good luck with the production builds, they look fantastic. I am sure that there will be no
shortage of ear to ear grins on the water.


The new and the old - the new F-22R with an early 1980 era Tramp (19')

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