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New F-82 Launched in Germany

Ulf Rosskamp has now launched his F-82 in Germany, and writes:

Hi Ian,

I put the boat in the water for the first time last Saturday. We had 2-3 Beaufort and our top speed was 10.9 knots but with 2.5 knots of current. It was overwhelming! The boat is stiff, fast, controllable with two fingers on the helm and slices through the nasty wind against current chop with ease.  What a boat! I am really looking forward to next possibility to sail.

Best regards


PS: I am the yellow guy, the other one is a friend and boatbuilder who helped me with the finish and his girlfriend  a sailmaker that made the sails. Another friend made the photos, a mono racer who was extremely impressed by the performance and is keen to sail again

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