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F-32SR in California

Jerry Fiat has been sailing his F-32SR in Southern California for some time now, including a spot of low flying it appears. Jerry participated in this years Newport to Ensenada Race, coming third over the line to ORMA 60 and MOD 70 trimarans, and writes:

Hi Ian,

We had a hard rating to live up to (-121), that is giving 22 seconds per mile to the Seacart 30, 160 seconds per mile to a
C31, 60 seconds per mile to Phaedo (Gunboat 66), and even giving time to Bill Gibbs 50+ foot racing cat. The only boats that give us time are the ORMA 60 and the MOD 70 (85 seconds per mile).

We do seem to be faster then the SeaCart, but it is only at the start as they bailed out, hopefully more races will tell.

Photo is us just out of a ride, 6 people on board 5 of them over 200 lb


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